The Pride Centre of Edmonton is dedicated to providing LGBTQ2S+ care and services across all ages.

Our Vision is to develop programs and services, built by and for the community, in order to reduce LGBTQ2S+ Senior/Elder social isolation in the Edmonton area.

There is a lot of information on this page, and the Pride Centre of Edmonton has a fierce commitment to sharing only the best information. Please contact us with any inquiries or concerns.

Content notes: Some of the resources refer to or describe difficult subjects

*Seniors Notices* 

Where we live is important.

Just a reminder about the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group LBGTQ Housing Survey!! If you haven’t completed the survey yet, there’s still time. Survey deadline is Friday April 10th!!

If you are interested in completing this survey, click on the following link for the Edmonton Pride Seniors website. Note: click on the Survey tab to complete the survey. Remember: Our Community wants to have a safe and secure place to live in the future!

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group is working to create a housing facility for LBGTQ seniors and their supporters!

Please note that we have updated our seniors resources to reflect changes in our services due to COVID-19.

If you or an elder that you know are needing any support relating to COVID-19 during this time, please call 587-635-2169 or reach out to us at, and we will walk through how we can be of support to you one step at a time.

Thank you and stay safe!

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