Mission, Goals, and Guiding Principals

The Aging Wellness initiative

The Aging Wellness initiative was founded to develop programs and services devoted to reducing 2SLGBTQIA+ Senior/Elder social isolation in the Edmonton area.

Mission Statement

Our mission is that 2SLGBTQIA+ seniors and elders of all backgrounds have access to every support and resource available to them, that they feel free to grow in their empowerment, be and show themselves as much or as little as they want, safely, in Senior/Elder spaces in Edmonton.



To reduce 2SLGBTQIA+ Seniors/Elders social isolation in the Edmonton area.
The central long term goal of the Aging Wellness Initiative is to reduce LGBTQ+ senior isolation in the Edmonton area.

To Develop a resource guide and act as a resource hub for 2SLGBTQIA+ Seniors/Elders
We have the goal to accredit, understand, and provide information and referrals on current LGBTQ+ services and LGBTQ+ affirming services for seniors and older adults.

To create educational programming based on 2SLGBTQIA+ seniors needs
The Aging wellness initiative aims to provide service education to senior serving organizations through a community based lens in order to uplift services as a whole in Edmonton.

To develop programming for isolated 2SLGBTQIA+ seniors.
We work to maintain LGBTQ+ senior specific programming, events and activities that work to foster social connection by meeting seniors where they are at in their journey.


Guiding Principles

Fostering Resiliency
Using person centred approaches that are strength based to foster resilience in senior serving sector.

Responsive services
We will develop services that meet the ever changing needs of those most in need of help in our community.

We believe that building safe, caring and confidential services is the backbone to supporting marginalized LGBTQ+ seniors.

Creating services that are focused on Seniors of all backgrounds, and actively working to uplift seniors who are in need of the most help.

Safe Exit