Binder Exchange Program

The Pride Centre of Edmonton Binder Exchange Program is available to help reduce the barriers for folks to access gender-affirming clothing and alike. We strive to provide chest binders(specially-designed chest compression garments) to individuals that otherwise may not have access to safer chest binding methods– whether due to lack of funds, no access to a credit card to purchase one online, or not being able to purchase from one of the local sellers.  It was also created so that people no longer using their old binders could easily pass them on to someone else. To understand the process of receiving a binder please see our receiving a binder guide.

Chest binders are most often donated after an individual has had top surgery (mastectomy), or if a binder no longer fits.

The Binder Exchange Program relies on the donation of new or gently-used chest binders. We accept all styles and ask that you consider the condition of your donation before donating as this may be someone’s first binder! Please see our guide for donating to the Binder Exchange Program for more information and other ways you can help us reduce the barriers to gender-affirming clothing for those in need!

For information on Binder Care and information on taking care of yourself while binding please see our Safe Binding Guide. The Safe Binding Guide is written by and for people who bind, and that is kept updated about things such as when new brands of binders become available in the city, or changing information on best binding practices. The guide gives directions on how to put on several different types of binders: pullovers, hook and eyelet, velcro, and zip up. It gives tips on how to take care of your binder, as well as taking care of your body when binding, unsafe binding practices to avoid, and where else to get binders in the city. The binder guide is available to anyone, not just people who come in for a binder. If you would like a copy, but can’t come to the centre to get one, the Pride Centre can email it to you! This guide is proudly maintained by a passionate and knowledgeable community member and we are very grateful for the work they do to serve our community!

We receive many requests from people in need of binders and other gender-affirming wear including breast forms, gaffs, padded underwear, and packers.  While the program is called the binder exchange program we are happy to accept additional donations types including new or gently used breast forms, and newly purchased gaffs, padded underwear and packers.

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