Donating to the Binder Exchange Program

What is it the Binder Exchange Program?

The chest binder exchange program was created to provide chest binders to individuals that otherwise may not have access to safer chest binding methods– whether due to lack of funds, no access to a credit card to purchase one online, or not being able to purchase from one of the local sellers. It was also created so that people no longer using their old binders could easily pass them on to someone else.

Chest binders are most often donated after an individual has had top surgery (mastectomy), or if a binder no longer fits.

How does it work?

Donating a binder

  • Individuals can donate new or used binders to the binder exchange program. If a binder is used, we ask that it is washed before being donated.
  • Used binders should be in good shape– if it has hooks and eyelets, none should be falling off/missing. If it is velcro, the velcro should still be useable and hooking. No major tears, or runs in the material. Stitching should still be intact and not coming unravelled.
  • We know that no binder stays perfect, and we understand when used binders come in a little bit worse for wear, and some stains are not unexpected. We want to be able to accept as many binders as we can and give them out, but we also want people receiving binders to have something they can feel good in, and it can be hard to feel good in something that is falling apart.
  • When we receive a binder, we label it with the brand (e.g. Underworks, gc2b, Origami customs), the size (e.g. XS, L, 2XL), and the size in inches based on the brand’s sizing guide (e.g. gc2b, XL, 38-40”).

Other ways you can help support our gender diverse community

  • Make a donation to the Edmonton Trans Community Fund (here).
  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser and encourage your friends to donate, you can do this in lieu of birthday gifts or to mark another special occasion.
  • Ask your friends, family members, or even followers on social media to help us spread the word and raise awareness about the Binder Program.
  • Make a directed donation to the Pride Centre of Edmonton online through Canada Helps or by visiting us at the Centre during drop-in hours (We are only able to take cash payments at this time).
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