AGM, Annual Report and Bylaws

The Pride Centre of Edmonton is hosting its 2020 Annual General Meeting in a digital format on November 7, 2020, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm you can attend the AGM from the comfort of your home! Please visit our home page for more details or view our AGM newsletter here.

PCE 2019 Annual Report

PCE 2020 Interm Annual Report 

AGM_2018 – minutes

AGM Agenda

Audited Financial 2019


Proposed Bylaw Changes:

The Board of Directors is proposing a number of changes to the Bylaws. The changes are associated with member categories, board size and AGM notice and quorum. The changes will be reviewed at the meeting, however, we encourage our members to review them prior to the meeting. Attached are:

Current Pride Centre of Edmonton Bylaws
Proposed 2020 Pride Centre of Edmonton Bylaws 

PCE Suggested Bylaw Changes

Safe Exit